China's outdoor furniture industry channel changes in the future

Time:2014-12-16 12:00:00

Objectively speaking, the traditional home channel is dependent on the development of commercial real estate, there is no independent oneself. Therefore, to truly understand the traditional home channel, it is necessary to understand the impact of commercial real estate development. Can not determine the storage size according to market demand, the number of brands is not based on the needs of the market to determine the traditional home appliances channels rely on the development of commercial real estate, the following three different anti-market characteristics:

Home mall is saturated, the total market area is far greater than the market demand;

Second, channel brand dispersion, low concentration;

Number three is accommodated by the brand mall, far beyond the reasonable limits required by the market.

Traditional appliances clearly felt the pressure of competition. Red Star Macronix built a new public several times publicly declared: "business tyranny heroic .Enterprise is the life of a business, is a leather factory is a dealer life, life." In the e-commerce revolution, the traditional home appliance channel to maintain live?